Welcome to NF FORGINGS
We belong to Pioneer Asia Group. The very word pioneer evokes the pioneering spirit and dedication to achieve goals. Pioneer Asia group of companies has been the torch bearer of industrial resurgence in this part of the country for more than 5 decades. Employing over 2000 people the Group’s turnover exceeds INR 5000 million (US $ 116 million).
Pioneer Asia has been on the forefront of manufacturing chemicals, bone gelatine, safety matches, textiles and wind turbines and it is playing a leading role in printing and packaging and software and establishing IT parks
Pioneer Asia group of companies has overseas partners in manufacturing gelatine and wind turbine.The company believes  that making customer succeed is a part of its success story. Today the Company helps to write the success stories of many
NF Forgings supply to the niche area of customers belonging to Automotive, Electric Power Generation,Refrigeration,Defence equipment,Valve manufacturers and other Engineering Industries
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